Towards the realization of personality

Jai Shri Ram,

the ego of the human mind and body is the biggest barrier on the way to the Lord's devotion ,any man in this life, who understands this truth,becomes eligible for salvation. All religions and sect of the world, eventually merge into that power.Those who imbibe ultimate devotion of GOD,are free from ego making the journey of their life beautiful
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His refuge is the only option,regardless of the way,either by the blessings of parents,teachers or by self-study.Then the Lord himself, guiding us at every moment takes charge of all the operations and the whole world sees them as a surprise.

Excellent coordination makes a vibrant and stunning personality out of anyone, the scent of his actions is automatically spread everywhere.The light, I am able to see is not possible without the blessings of GOD.

The presence of the Lord in the heart makes us aware of how to act in all situations. At present time,so many challenges in life appear, awakening helps us to face these situations,there is no other way.
It's my heartily wish that I can share my experience about  how that sense awakened in my life.The route might be karma,yoga or the learning path or all the three combined together.To achieve salvation in life,choose the path that suits you the most and your personality.

Salvation is our hypothesis only, in fact, what we obtain after the overall interpretation is, there seems to be good, if  for deeds we create we have a sense of immersion. Doors to the physical and spiritual development open by the grace of Lord Ram,having an indelible impact.

Based on the knowledge gained from some tradition, self-experience, and self-learning,I have tried to show you this unique expression of Indian culture.

No transformation is possible without suffering,those who spontaneously deals with the plagues opens the door to many extraordinary accomplishments in his lifetime.

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